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Meet Victoria

Owner & Aesthetician

Victoria is a highly qualified skincare specialist with over 16 years experience. With a passion for result driven facial treatments and skincare, Victoria has an extensive understanding of the skin; her “hands on” approach delivers outstanding results.

Inspired by “less is more” she believes anyone can achieve a beautiful radiant complexion through a straightforward and effective facial alongside a tailored skin care routine.

Each treatment Victoria delivers is centred on this simple, yet game changing philosophy to educate and inform her patients about the benefits of this on-going skin-health approach.

The result – a bespoke, individualised approach to Facial skincare. Victoria’s Facials are often devoid of any strict step-by-step, ‘one-size-fits-all’ protocol, but rather smartly planned, customised treatments, which are based on the condition of the skin rather than the type.

My Journey So Far…

Like many of the patients I treat, my journey to skin health has not been a straightforward one.

With awkward skin of my own, using good skincare products, getting expensive facials, and going to the dermatologist all proved to be frustrating and expensive in the search for great skin.

Continuing to educate myself skin became my passion, and over the years I have trained in many treatments and skincare to treat all my patients to the best of my ability, for me further education is something that has never stopped.

Whilst I’ve worked for leading UK and Italian Skin Clinics during my career, the most satisfying moments have come from helping patients feel comfortable in their skin and improve their skin health, confidence and happiness. It means so much when patients share their journeys of how life changing my advice or treatments have been.

I hope that finding out a bit about me gives you confidence that I can support you on your journey to skin health.



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