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Clean, Clinical and Luxurious

Since 1999, Cosmedix have been cosmeceutical pioneers, creating products that deliver maximum results without any of the irritation and skin sensitivity.

This clinical brand continues to be one of the leaders in cosmeceutical skin care all over the world and always sticks to its four key pillars of good skin maintenance: smarter exfoliation, better botanical ingredients, skin matrix support and continued Chiral Correction for superior product performance….

They don’t include any harsh acids in their formulas, or artificial dyes, fragrances, petrolatum or parabens. Instead, they use plant-based antioxidants, milder AHAs, peptides and specialist encapsulation technologies to ensure all skin types and tones receive the best treatment.

Cosmedix continues to be at top choice amongst professional skincare experts, dermatologists, aestheticians and skin care enthusiasts around the world.


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